Touch Screen Self-service Payment Selling Snacks And Drinks Medicine Vending Machine.New businness idea unmanned shop 24 hours self service vending machine.Large glass window to display goods.( tempered glass , safe and convenient ,display goods explicitly ) .

♦ The whole payment systems and the electronic board are both locked by the small doors independently .
it keeps the cash safe . (optional)
♦ Tiltable trays for easy product loading
♦ We use newly-designed coil clip, which enable the coil half- turn easily ,unlike traditional clip , which required to takingthe coiloff to adjust the direction. 
Multimax high capacity stock can & bottle tray ,which can contain up to 110 cans in one tray (optional)
Highly- advanced technology
♦ Softvend dispense elevator (optional)
♦ Special infrared technology to ensure that your products vend properly. If a selection doesn’t drop, drop sensor detects the failure and tries again twice. And if for some reason it still won’t drop, consumers can select another product or choose to receive their money back
♦ An anti-theft device and a slow motion closing mechanism : an optional kit is available which will block the dispensing compartment when the vending machine is not being used.however ,when a product is dispensed it will open for a programmable length of time to allow the item to be collected (optional)
  • Large capacity:can hold 288 bottled or canned drinks, more than other similar brand models installed about 20%.
  • Wide range:Can sell bottled drinks, canned drinks, boxed food bags, all kinds of crafts, sex toys, all kinds of big-ticket items like.
  • Low power: refrigeration system uses low power, high cooling efficiency of imported compressors, environmentally friendly refrigerant, reduce operating costs.
  • Strong insulation: the use of thick insulation layer structure design, high-quality insulation material.
  • High technology: standard 7 inch high definition touch screen, Support WeChat payment, Alipay payment, cash payment, change, remote cloud online management,8 inch high definition LCD advertising player, can play high definition video and poster ads.
  • Strong ability: a host can control eight vice machine, greatly saving investment.
  • Multiple combinations: beverage vending machines, lattice shop selling machines, sex toys vending machines,handicrafts vending machines, all independent design, free combination, want to sell What product combination on what models.
  • Applicable widely: different places combination of different models, fully meet the community, airports, railway stations, schools, factories, business districts and other public places self-service trafficking demand.