Automatic Medicine Vending Machine,Any Time Medicine Vending Machine is although not a new concept in its entirety, it could prove to be useful and hence important where healthcare is almost critical. With the emergence of more and more automatic terminal services, modern services are also gradually becoming unmanned

Description Model:XY-DLE-10C
Dimension(mm) 1920mm(h) X1180 mm(w)X855mm(d)
Weight 300kg  *Varies with tray configuration
Selection 6 layers
Capacity 300-600 products
Voltage 110V/220V,60/50HZ
Power 600W(cold) /650W(hot)
Goods Drinks & Food & General merchandise
Refrigeration system The compressor adopts imported brand, quality guarantee, low energy consumption
Delivery methods Spring tray drawer runner
Stand-alone data export Through the USB interface, to facilitate the adminstrator export,

manage and analyze sales data.

Dispensing Speed (s) 3 seconds
Cabinet Material Stainless Steel
Glass Door Material Explosion-proof tempered glass
Metallic keyboard Explosion-proof, dust-proof, water-proof luminous


*large glass window to display goods( Double-layer tempered glass ,  safe and convenient ,display goods explicitly ) 

* Explosion-proof, dust-proof, water-proof luminous full metal keyboard

* Microcomputer control system with intelligent data query, statistics, accounting, fault diagnosis and other management functions

* Refrigeration system using R134a refrigerating fluid, in line with international green environmental protection requirement.

* Body material: All steel, durable 

Main feature: 

* Adopt international standard design, up to international DEX standard 

* Support all kinds of international general standard peripherals 

* Customizable IC card payment, Sound control payment, Alipay, UnionPay, Mobile payment, Credit card payment or other payment methods, support 232 computer serial control